Thursday, May 25, 2006

All of us live, breathe, eat, work- all with the same hope; hope for a better tomorrow. We want to grab all the opportunities, make all the money, get all the fame. Everyone wants a piece of the cake. But then at the end of the day, is that what we really want? We should react and reach out to the actual calling within us. The real dream, the real purpose for which we are all here. Now don get me wrong. I’m not bein spiritual. If you have climbed the highest mountain, earned the last dollar, have been to the moon and back, but you still don feel quite right inside, its just not worth it. Just because half the world (or maybe even more) wants the same things from life, its okay if you don want to be in the spotlight. Some people, if left alone, would be really happy being mediocre. What do celebrities do anyway? Work hard all their life to be famous and then wear dark glasses to avoid being recognized! Life is to be lived and enjoyed. Do what you want with it. If you want to be the richest man in the world, then go ahead and work towards your dream with perseverance and confidence. But then, if you really just want to lie back and take life as it comes, that’s okay too. Wait for the right calling in your life to happen. Be sure of what you do. Whatever it is.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

everyone is a hero

they talk a lot about heroes these days. make them idols, give them titles, name streets, perfumes, houses, pets and even children after them. they write pages and punchlines about a hero's life. everybody loves a hero. so who is a hero anyway? someone who can do things that no one else can? someone who can speak, dance or sing well? someone who hails from a popular family? why is it that we are able to celebrate the lives of those heroes whom we have'nt met or known in person, but fail to recogonize the hero inside each and everyone of us? there are heroes who rise to the occasion and then quietly slip away. a man who jumps into a building on fire to save an eight year old, a man who satnds up against the odds in his life, a man who lives his life the way he wants to withouit worrying about pleasing others; they are all heroes. in most movies and plays its always the hero who says the best dialouge, its he who fights for what is right, its the hero who is all powerful and intelligent. its always the hero whom we all like to relate with. but we must learn to appreciate the everyday heroes like you and me. you dont always have to climb the highest mountain or win the toughest election or write the best book to be a hero. any man who lives his life with a purpopse and brings out the best in him is a hero. we all are.

Living life the way I want to. Without thinking about anything else. To get up and dance without being bothered about what others are going to think; to eat all the chocolates that I want to without worrying about the extra layer of flesh adding on to my stomach; to be able to hear the incredible noise that perfect silence makes; to be able to shout when I want to instead of bringing out a forced whisper; to have the courage to cry when I feel broken instead of putting on a fake brave face; to be able to get wet in the rain and roll in the sand without worrying about the grass stains on my skirt; to laugh with complete abandon; to be able to use all that fine silver that I have been saving up for the ideal occasion failing to realize that every moment in life is special; to let my heart speak when it wants to; to love and be loved for no reason, but love itself; to have worked hard all my life and then when everything that I had so carefully built over the years shatter right in front of my eyes , to still have the strength to pick up the broken pieces and start all over again in all humility; to believe in God and feel Him within me; to live, breathe and sleep every night with no burdens of yesterday, but with new hope for tomorrow; to grow old gracefully and to be proud of my greys; and when death comes and knocks at the door, to be able to slip away with no regrets, leaving a mark for what I have been, that is how I want to live .

Who reads this stuff, anyway?