Sunday, May 21, 2006

Living life the way I want to. Without thinking about anything else. To get up and dance without being bothered about what others are going to think; to eat all the chocolates that I want to without worrying about the extra layer of flesh adding on to my stomach; to be able to hear the incredible noise that perfect silence makes; to be able to shout when I want to instead of bringing out a forced whisper; to have the courage to cry when I feel broken instead of putting on a fake brave face; to be able to get wet in the rain and roll in the sand without worrying about the grass stains on my skirt; to laugh with complete abandon; to be able to use all that fine silver that I have been saving up for the ideal occasion failing to realize that every moment in life is special; to let my heart speak when it wants to; to love and be loved for no reason, but love itself; to have worked hard all my life and then when everything that I had so carefully built over the years shatter right in front of my eyes , to still have the strength to pick up the broken pieces and start all over again in all humility; to believe in God and feel Him within me; to live, breathe and sleep every night with no burdens of yesterday, but with new hope for tomorrow; to grow old gracefully and to be proud of my greys; and when death comes and knocks at the door, to be able to slip away with no regrets, leaving a mark for what I have been, that is how I want to live .


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    life should have its share of regrets and suppressed feelings...a regret to make you look back not walk the same road...and suppressed feelings to cultivate humility..

  2. hey.. by saying that one shouldn have regrets, i mean that one should not hang on to things that turned out to be unpleasant. learn from it and move on. don let the unpleasantness or regrets stay. suppressed feelings can never create humility. hunility comes from expressing yourself, but not taking pride in it. humility is when you know the truth, but doesn get bogged down by the fact that you know it.


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