Saturday, December 02, 2006

it's a feel good thing

Sometimes some things happen to you that makes you feel so nice. You don’t even know why. All you know is that the feeling is true. You feel so good from deep down inside that makes you feel exhilarated, liberated and so extremely happy; Joy of the highest possible degree. People might call you weird and stupid. But that doesn’t matter, because you’re as happy as can be. It’s the feeling and also the freedom to enjoy the feeling that makes you feel so great. And don’t try to find the reason, because there is no one reason. Maybe there is no reason at all. Maybe it’s not possible to reason it out because the joy is in the feeling as a whole. Don’t try to analyze it or explain it – that will only spoil the effect. The emotion is so strong and you are so sure of it that even though the moment has passed, the feeling still lingers, and you can always come back to it and feel it all over again with the same power and intensity.

But it’s a happy feeling and so, you cannot keep it to yourself. Grief can manage on its own, but when you’re happy, you need someone to share it with, because that is when you can feel it best. The feeling is so much more big and the joy so much more great when you can find someone who can relate to it and understand it. It then goes into a different level altogether. And once you have found someone with whom you can share such a feeling, then its like you’ve come to the end of a journey. Once the feeling is there and its felt, then words become redundant. You can sit with him all day long, not say a single word and still feel that it’s the best conversation you’ve ever had. But it’s important that you share the feeling, because talking about it or knowing what it is, is different from actually feeling it. It’s like the difference between watching a porn movie and actually making love.

They talk a lot about soul mates these days - the perfect match, your other half. But the way I see it you don’t always look for someone to complete you; at least I don’t. Maybe all you need is someone wit whom you can share your incompleteness. A perfect match is not when the perfect couple come together; It’s when an imperfect couple learn to enjoy their differences.

21 Nov, 2006

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