Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Everyone is a different person when they are with someone else and we all lives different lives all the time. sometimes i wonder how one would be if no one else existed.
what if there was no world at all? no thoughts, no perceptions, no existence.
sigh. maybe i have been staring at the ceiling for too long. will count sheep and go to sleep.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine’s day is around the corner and almost every company is trying to endorse it’s product by making it the ‘one special gift for your valentine.’ Chocolates, jewellery, clothes, cars, diamonds, books, even tyre manufacturers call their new modal specially synthesized fine grip tyres to be that one dream gift your valentine is waiting for. And the advertisements also portray that if you do not turn up on this special day in your finest attire and with THE gift, you’re in for trouble.
Seriously, this is so ridiculous. And what is worse is when your good friends who totally agree with you on how pointless the whole thing is, run helter-skelter a week before the d day in search of THE gift for their valentine.
If you ask me, the best thing a man can give a woman is his undivided attention. Nothing like spending a whole day together with no family, friends, work and phone calls to interfere. Forget gifts and surprises. Just quality time spent together.

Sometimes in life you meet someone and then everything changes. You start seeing everything from a whole new perspective, like never before, and there is excitement in the air – always.
What you feel for him is so different and he is really special. What you have for him is a love that comes out of nothing but love itself. He’s not the most handsome man you’ve ever met, he’s not the life of every party, and he’s not your knight in shining armor. He has always been a part of you and you have known him for so long. There is an effortless comfort when he's around. You can sit with him for a whole evening, not say a single word, but still end up feeling that it’s the best conversation you’ve ever had. He does not make you complete; but you can share your incompleteness with him.
When you’re with him everything seems so right and the world seems to be like the perfect place to live in. Words become redundant and you start speaking through eyes, touch, feel, music. Reality becomes an illusion and he becomes a part of everything you do. He is the music in every song you listen to, the inspiration of every picture you paint, the subject of every poem you write.
You can speak about almost any insignificant thing and still feel the absolute need to tell each other about it, no matter how trivial it is – and you feel like you are living life together even though you actually live in two corners of the world.
He is perfect. Not flawless, but perfect – for you, because every morning you want to wake up and see his sleepy face beside you, you want to drink the first cup of coffee with him and get through the day knowing that he’s around. It’s like you are witnessing each other’s lives. It’s to him that you want to reveal all your silly thoughts and ideas, it’s to him that you always go for reassurance and encouragement, it’s him that you want to marry and make babies with. You want to live everyday of your life with him. Even forever doesn’t seem long enough to be with him. And it’s not because he’s the perfect someone you can live with; he’s someone you cannot live without.
You take away the passion, the thrill, the romance, the excitement, to find that after all that you still care. The relationship is on a totally different – almost spiritual – plane.
You start living life the way you wanted to, doing all the things that you always wanted to, and you find that you can’t stop smiling, just can’t hide the feeling, your feet keep tapping and you want to keep dancing; all the time. And very often you end up talking in rhyme!

Sometimes I wonder, when you think of someone, do they think of you? I have always felt that there is more to everything than what I know of. There is always a part of the picture that I cannot see. Maybe because of the way I look at things or maybe because some things are just beyond me. Is it true that no two people think alike? Very unlikely, because if there is no unity in thought, or at least similarity, nothing can ever happen or exist. But most of the time I feel disconnected from the people around me and their thoughts. Its like all the world thinks one way and I, another. I have always wanted to know what other people felt, the whole thought process that goes on inside their head; so that I too could partake and get involved in life instead of just watching it from the sidelines.

Who reads this stuff, anyway?