Friday, April 27, 2007

my big whopping paunch
does'nt move, shift, slide or sway
how i miss my toes

Thursday, April 26, 2007


This is much much more fun. must try!

Like paint on paper
you, my most precious one have
left imprints on me . .

In deep peaceful sleep,
hues from an unseen palette
colour all my dreams .

Dew drops fall only
to crackle, split , disappear
never to be held . .

I miss you my love
Feel lifeless. Like the sky when
Moon is in hiding .

Pure milk chocolate
Provides continued delight
Endless appetite .

Outstretched arms ignored
Last rain drop falls on the ground
Another dream is lost.

Pain killers don’t help
This shooting piercing back pain
Am slowly dying.

We made love all night
Then woke up and said goodbye
Reality bites.

Bubbles on night sky
Burst or float to distant lands
Never to return. .


my first shot at limericks.
great fun. enjoy!

A limerick will have you rolling with laughter
And compared to a poem, its definitely better
Cos it takes less space
And narrates things at great pace
On any topic, often with humour.

Romantic me told my boyfriend,
“Darling, our love will never end”.
A ‘dreamer’ he called me
With no sense of reality
God! Why such fuckwits as men do you send ?!

Who reads this stuff, anyway?