Monday, June 11, 2007

Poem, of sorts...

I like . . .

the way you hold my hand and rub between my fingers
the way you kiss me deep and how your taste lingers

the way you massage my back and press down my spine
Rub the sides of my breast and kiss me from behind

the way you kiss and make my lips swell
the way our toes meet and the stories they tell

I like . . .

like to run my fingers through your hair,
as your lips explore me everywhere

like your smell, the smell of you
No, not cigarette, deo or mint you chew

its you and the way your body smells
I cannot compare it to anything else

I like the way you whisper into my ears
urging me to talk; about all my fears

And I like it when you listen with undivided attention,
The way you put your arms around me in a busy street, for protection

I like . . .

like it when you hold me close, like am in your safe keeping
And then watch me, when am sleeping

like it when you hug me tight
wish you could keep me warm night after night

like it when you draw the curtains and ruffle through my hair,
And in little ways you show me, how much you care.

I like to listen to your breathing, lying close against your chest,
To feel the rhythm that keeps you going as beside me you rest

I want to dream and dance with you
I want to talk
and on moonlit nights, I want to go on long walks

I want to take care of you, make you feel loved
and with all else dissolved,
I want to hold eternity in every hug.

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