Friday, October 05, 2007

Cynically Yours

Monday morning blues. No. Morning blues. No. Just Blues.

Life has been just plain depressing these days.

What is worse than a depressing book? A depressing book that you cannot put down. Well, what’s worse? A depressing book that you can’t put down, because every word of it is true. A series of events in the past, coupled with all else has sucked all zing out of me. Tara and I have been feeling so low, that our chins touch the ground all the time. There’s nothing to do in this city, and we miss Chennai terribly. This place, the people, work and all else is just dead; and reading The Inheritance of Loss just reassured all my cynical beliefs.

Grief is forever. There's no escape. Things will go wrong, and what you feared the most will happen. Do not try to fight it or change it. You can try to be brave, and attempt to make a life out of mere existence. But that's gratuitous. All you need to do, is to watch helplessly as your dreams go up in smoke, and your life's fantastic imagery becomes incongruously juxtaposed against reality.

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  1. Oh my pretty Girl.. came across this now.. donno why i missed this lovely one earlier.. anyway having said this..

    i wish you the courage and the strength to see your dreams go up in smoke and still dream.. continue fighting and dreaming and that too with courage.. have faith have hope...


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