Monday, November 05, 2007

Caught in a time warp

The coffee has gone cold.

You should have been here by now.

It’s been so many years, I have lost count.

It’s snowing here.

I can see it fall outside the window.

Some flakes attach themselves to the glass. Just the way you like it.

Your wooden arm chair is by the window,

At such an angle, so you can see a bit of the snow, the sky and the woods beyond.

Your old and worn out copy of The Godfather is on the teapoy.

And Sam is lying on the carpet, all curled up and warm between your walking boots.

I am not pretty anymore. My long black hair is all gone.

And I don’t paint my nails.

But if you come, I will let you dress me up.

You can play with my salt and pepper hair for as long as you wish

I won’t complain or get irritated.

We will go on long walks whenever you want to, by the sea.

I won’t fuss about the dirty beach or salty air.

We can be in each other’s arms all night,

swaying with the gentle summer breeze;

And you could write poetry on me, with your fingertips.

The coffee has almost frozen. Doesn’t matter.

I’ll make you a fresh cup. I’ll make it bitter and frothy; the way you like it.

You know where the keys are, under the potted plant

Open the door and come home, sweetheart.

I am tired.


  1. life is all about waiting and waiting.. waiting for someone whom you do not know if he will come or not.. but
    if you can wait and not be tired of waiting you will be a man my son

  2. lady.. this is really touchy.. i am read this often..

  3. Glad you like it, Suchi.

    Enjoy and keep reading. :)

  4. Thanks Paro.. :) i just realized the typo i made.. i wanted to day.. I read it often :)


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