Sunday, December 09, 2007


Your eyes are the color of rain cloud,
there’s thunder in your lips;
Mischief in your gait,
and magic, at your fingertips.
The need to touch becomes stronger –
A delicious urgency
together, we move in undulant motion,
And doors of a different world open up for us.

‘I love you’, you tell me
I nod, as I bask in the cool candor of your words.
Yes, I love you, my dear
But do we mean the same when we say that?
We know it’s more than a mere primordial urge
You are special to me,
I'll give myself to you all over again, if I could.
You excite my mind, indulge my body and illumine my spirit
Evenings of poetry sipping beer, walks by the sea,
Perfect conversations without uttering a single word,
Long drives on moonstruck nights;
you permeate my life; you're a part of my soul
am haunted by the memory of your touch
most content in your arms, am enraptured as we make – that tricky word – love.

Being together forever is an illusion,
it can never survive realism
Don’t try to hold on to these moments, and lose them at that
Love me in the fierce, honest way you do
And I will love you in return.
Let not the shadows of the outside world fall on us
And darken the brightly lit recesses of our hearts.
Let not the practicality of everyday lives eat into our togetherness,
but the uncertainty of tomorrow weave us closer today.

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  1. its like u've read my mind and put it in such a beautiful way in this poem.. simply love it!!
    would love to say its my favorite..but then again i have so many favorites!(i mean your stories and poems) ;)


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