Saturday, February 23, 2008


I wish we didn't fight so often
wish i could take back all the mean words spoken
To me, you are the only important person
and I love you more, than you can ever imagine

Coloured bangles and bargaining at bazaars
Long nights staring at painted little stars
Fighting for the remote and jumping down amma's throat
Being one another's scapegoat
Writing notes and schoolgirl gossips in gangs
Raiding the fridge on midnight hunger pangs
Early morning chores and evening bike rides
Reading together and taking sides
Confessions of first crushes and perverted joshes
Bits of poetry and evenings splashes
by the riverside.

You have taken me from ponytails to perfumes,
from fights with pillows to stilettos
You taught me there is no right and wrong
You gave me hope, that things would get better erelong
You took care of me, made me strong

When I'm in trouble, or feel like running away
The thought of you just a phone call away makes me stay
The thought of living without you makes me shudder
I'd rather be six feet under

You may not even come across this little poem
but i had to pen it down
to tell the world you're the best; no one's on par
You are my sister superstar!

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