Sunday, March 02, 2008

bits of beauty

A little feather drifting in from the car window
Someone’s clear smile on the road
Chink of wine glasses
Drawer full of new stationary
Mug of hot coffee on an early winter morn
A great photo that follows a bad shot
Short, monosyllabic conversations
The sudden discovery of a ten rupee note in my old jeans pocket
Yellow flowers blooming outside the window
The evening sun shining from between tall dirty buildings
The smell of wet earth
Twinkle of a distant star
Calling your name out for no reason
Bits of poetry slipping out from old textbooks
The smell of spicy sambar from Aanchi’s adukkala
A forgotten old tune suddenly on the lips
An old couple holding hands in the park
Colored glass bangles that always break the silence
Sudden squally rain in summer
Routine dialogue that ends up in rhyme
A smile on a sleeping baby’s face

In these moments I am most content,
When nothing is said and nothing is pent
Cos in these bits of beauty
You jog my memory.

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