Saturday, July 19, 2008

A moment, a glimpse, or something less

The vast nameless mountains seem to echo an old tune,
along with nature's delicately sprinkled artwork of trees and rivers.
The blinding wind is blowing hard against your face, that you think
the insides of your nose are sticking together.
The rain seems to be falling with a sense of complete abandon --
the way you are smiling right now;
The sea suddenly appears, and takes your breath away
The wind, water and earth seem to be playing a symphony just for you
And just when you think everything is perfect,
the moon decides to sashay down
and brings a set of different hues along with her.
The music continues to ring in your ears,
and you decide to linger for a while longer

How easy it is to forget everything else at this moment --
numb feet, shooting back pain, overflowing inbox and fast approaching deadlines...
How wonderful it is to suddenly realize
that this is where you belong, this is for real;
That this is all there is to it,
This is you.

Who reads this stuff, anyway?