Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Polygamy is the key to a long life

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I wonder what exactly they mean by 'polygamy'. Would casual relationships count, or does it have to end up in marriage?

Cynical me

All the blessings you had counted as a child will uncover their hidden tragedies, slowly
You will continue to be alone on random rainy nights, eating without company
You will have more than your share of mourning, and no one's going to clean the mess in the morning.
your best friend too will bid adieu
your deepest fears -- they'll all come true
You won't be loved, you won't be missed
Your life will pass by, unnoticed
That's just how things will always be
And you will never be able to end this with a rhyme.

This slipped out of one of my diaries this morning, when I was frantically searching for a phone number scribbled down somewhere. It's dated 3rd August, 1998. All you who kept asking me when I turned into such a cynic --here's documental evidence for it. It's definitely been a long time.

Who reads this stuff, anyway?