Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wish list

Let me have the crook of your arm
Also your fingers
Give me your haunting smell and deep eyes
I want the small of your back
And the marvelous expanse of your broad chest
Your sexy ass as well
Allow me to have a few strands of your long, wavy hair
Let me keep the taste from your inner thighs
And I must absolutely have your long, patient tongue
Give me your left toe and your right elbow
The back of your neck is required as well
I'd like to have the memory of your touch,
together with your tiny bellybutton
I don't ask for too much
Just these, and whatever is left.


  1. How are you girl? Back to writing, I can see.
    Since you ve blocked me from G talk, find some way to communicate with me :(

  2. Vasu! Been so long. How's UK treating you? I have not blocked you, babe. Punith was telling something of the sort too. Try adding me again? Must be some technological crap

    On that note, couple of weeks back all the chat names on my Cricket magically changed to ones that Jeena had assigned to her's. Really. It's madness.


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