Monday, November 10, 2008

On a winter morning

Wake up to numb fingers and toes.
Stare at the ceiling for a bit
Reach out and rub your lover's back
Roll over and cuddle

Have the first cup of coffee together
before brushing teeth
Go back to bed.
Wake up and make love. Again.

Take an afternoon walk. Hold hands
Drop a coin for the old man by the tea shop
Smile at the little kid peeping out from the pram

Stop by the river. Take off shoes.
Dip left toe into ice cold water
Step back. Fall into your lovers arms

Buy the red, heart shaped balloon.
Just like that.
Write a message and tie it to the lampost.

Stop by the corner street
Eat hot pakoras from the old lady
Slurp and lick fingers. All five.

Spend the evening cooking together
Make something new, from the recipe book
"Pressure cook for 15 minutes"
Make love before the timer goes off

Play some good music.
Read a book. Talk.
Effortlessly fall asleep.

Be wild and free,
on cold winter mornings.

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