Tuesday, September 15, 2009


When people cry, why is it that the only thing others do is to say 'It's okay'. They don't have a clue of whats wrong or right, and they don't even care. Still, if anyone's crying 'Don't worry. Everything's okay.' That's all they have to say.

Don't pet or pity me. Don't tell me it's okay. Ignore me, if nothing else. Don't rack your closed, pea-sized brain to think of the perfect thing to say. People who matter don't care anyway. They are busy with their own petty lives. So what's with you? Why do you care a flying fuck about me? Disappear.

Things have been pretty bad lately. And misery seems to have company. Lots.

I'm going to be away for a bit. No. Not traveling or going places. I am not endowed with the luxury of coping with my grief watching a gondola of green scented fruits, drifting along the dark canals of Venice. But am going to be away. In my own terms. Call/email me and my machine will pop, crackle, and return your smiles.

Until later, when the fog has cleared.

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