Sunday, April 25, 2010

My love turned out to be a Vulcan

I thought I met the perfect man
Who was nice n subtle n smart; with elan
who read n wrote n had nice, big hands

We held n touched n kissed n sang
We named n dreamt n had big plans
Then one day he left, in Jan

Nothing was said, much less written
In an email penned in brazen fashion
That it's over; this is it
I've a "bad feeling", so let's just split

I was hurt, surprised n in shock I cried,
I gave it thought n then replied
Reasons and detail in plenty supplied
But it wasn't for me to decide

Then one day I had a dream
Of posiedons, deep valleys and a stream
I woke up with a wand, mighty n supreme
that was left for me, it seems
to find ANY answer; a power beseem!

As conditioned, I waved the wand
and thought of memories fond
wondering how the magic would respond;
and then suddenly in me, it dawned --

It's neither my fault nor his
that our relationship lost all fizz
You see, he wasn't a regular human
My love turned out to be a Vulcan

This is the result of an age old poetry exercise -- pick 5/7/9 random words and write a poem in 10/15/20 minutes. My 7 random words were:

hands, stream, vulcan, magic, fizz, January, brazen

I know parts of it are pretty weak and there is no real structure or form, but I doubt if I'll ever get back to it in 'drafts'; so I decided to post it anyway. Keep them comments/emails coming. Better still, try it out and share your creative outburst :)

PS: Some kind of bulk comment spam for backlinking seemed to have got through my comments moderation section in the past weeks. I got it sorted out with Blogger support. Sorry about the adult hyperlinks the comments had left (in case you noticed). It's gone now and shouldn't happen again.


  1. Hey paro,

    Lovely poem. dont even ask me why i got to my blog after so may years and then reached you through a comment u left there. see the blog now--i sat with it after reading ur comment :)

  2. Soum! So good to hear from you :) I looked at your blog; actually a little more than look. It's great that you've started writing again. Keep at it, girl!


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